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Q. How can I make a reservation?

A. In order to make a reservation you should request a proposal online first and then a sales rep will send email to you to make the reservation.

Q. When and how do I make a payment?

A. We ask customers to fill out One Time Credit Card Payment Authorization Form after delivering equipment and charge the fees a day after your rental.

Q. Do I need to pay deposit?

A. No, you don’t need to pay deposit.

Q. How long can I keep the rental equipments?

A. You can keep the equipment for a day after delivering.

Q. Can I rent the equipment by the hour?

A. No, we do not rent the equipment by the hour.

Q. How far do you deliver, set up & pick up?

A. Our regular delivery is within DC Metro Area but we also deliver everywhere within 50 miles from our DC office. Please note there is an additional fee for outside of DC Metro Area delivery.

Q. Do you deliver, set up & pick up the equipment on the weekend?

A. Yes, we do!

Q. What is the time range of delivery, set up & pick up?

A. Our regular delivery time is between 11 A.M. – 11 P.M. depending on distance from our office.

Q. How many people do I need for store pick up?

A. One person is enough to carry all equipment. We will help you to load into your car.

Q. Can other people receive or pick up the equipment on behalf of myself?

A. Yes, we require their name and contact number when they come to receive/pick up the equipment.

Q. I want to see the equipment before making a reservation

A. You can always visit our office to see the equipment. Please call us before your visit.

Q. What is the cancelation policy?

A .Free Cancellation

Q. Do you offer a refund?

A. Generally, there is no refund after we complete the payment process. In case of a technical problem, we usually offer a store credit.   

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Q. How many songs do you have?

A. There're 35,000 songs in the karaoke machine.

Q. Do you have foreign songs?

 A. Available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.  

Q. How often do you update English songs?

A. We update English songs monthly.

Q. Is it easy to operate the karaoke machine?

A. Yes, it is very simple and easy. We will show you how to use the machine after setting up.

Q. Can I hook up the karaoke machine to our TV?

A. Yes, Please let us know which cable your monitor/TV supports so we can provide the right cable.

Q. Can I hook up the karaoke machine to our sound system?

A. Yes, our karaoke machine has RCA outputs.  

Q. How big is all the equipment?

A. The equipment can be separated into four pieces below;

 - Fender Passport Event:  32 x 15 x 25 inches,

 - Duffel bug: 30 x 10 x 8 inches

 - Monitor: 24 x 8 x 3 inches

 - Speaker & TV stands bag 51 x 20 x 19 inches

Q. What if I have techinical problem?

A. Please call our office: 888.516.7555

Q. How many microphone included

A. There're two microphones come with both Mini Package and Standard Package.

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